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Testimonials and Recommendations from Clients...


Although real estate transactions involve dozens of

moving parts and each situation is unique, 

Linda has the experience and skill set to navigate

through this complicated process. 

Always representing her client's best interest

is a common thread in each transaction.

Please read a few comments from her clients.


Amy and Drake:

"We thank you very much for all that you did for us in the sale

of our home. Your are really a wonderful person to know."


Mark and Patty:

"Thank you for all you did to help our family get a home and

have a new beginning.

Thank you from the bottom our hearts."



"I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for helping me!"



Jay and Catherine:

"Thanks so much for helping us find our new home.

We Love it!  We feel so blessed  to have you guide us

through everthing. You are truly a blessing to us and

we will always be grateful"


David and Anna:

"We really appreciate everything you have done

for us through our home sale and home purchase. 

We could not have asked for a better Real Estate

team to see us through this process.  You went above

and beyond our expectations and we hope

we are able to send more clients your way to

express our gratitude."

Please note:  Linda was David & Anna's Realtor, representing

them on both the listing of their home and the

purchase of their new home. This lovely couple

contracted with a local builder to build their  new home and

Linda assisted them throughout the building process. 

If you are planning to purchase a home from a Builder or

build new construction,  please contact Linda Lane. 

Linda will gladly provide contact information for this client as

well as others tand they would love to share the

importance of having a Realtor representing your interests.

Builders employ on-site agents that represent the interest of Builders.

You will truly benefit with your own representation and Linda

will assist you in saving money and avoiding costly mistakes.


Brent and Kim:

Don & Linda,

I just wanted to follow up with a big "THANK YOU"

for helping us with the sale of our home.  

As you know there are a lot of choices out

there when it comes to choosing a Realtor,

but I would be proud to recommend your

and Linda to anyone I know looking to buy or sell

their home.You should be extremely proud

of the courtesy and professionalism you show to

your clients. I have bought and sold 6 different

homes over the past several years, and never

have experienced such wonderful service as you

provided us. Buying or selling a home can

be a stressful and unpleasant process.

Thank you for making our experience a wonderful one.  

With Best Regards, Brent & Kim 


Judy and Calvin:

"Thanks so much for your patience and professionalism"



"I want to thank you for being such a good person,

so helpful, and I made a great friend"



"I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to

The Lane Team...Worked very graciously

and diligently with me to solve whatever problem

or situation that came up concerning the sale

of my properties...My recommendations to anyone

wishing to sell their home or property...

Thanks for a job well done!"




 " I want to thank you so much for being such a 

Blessing & for all the time you spent with

    mom & me."



Valarie and Rick:

"Dear Linda,

We sincerely appreciated your help in selling

our home.  We could not have done it without you. 

We look forward to working with you when

we buy our next home."

Rick and Valarie


Bill and Jody:

"Thanks again for all of your tireless work...

you are the Realtor gold standard as far as I am concerned"



The Masons:

"We appreciate all of your wisdom, guidance,

encouragement, support through the whole process".



The Robison Family: Feeling exceedingly grateful for this lady.

Authentic, others centered, business savvy in all the right ways.

Magnetic personality and fierce work ethic. If anyone in Middle TN

is in need of a Realtor, we recommend Linda Lane .

With Linda in charge of getting our house ready to sell we were able

to move 600 miles away and have our minds at ease and our house in

the best of hands. Linda and her team took care of everything.

We celebrate you Linda and all you've done to make this experience

so great for our family! Love to Team Lane from Team Robison!



Notes from a few fellow Realtors emphasizing the importance

of working together and maintaining positive and  professional

relationships which ultimately benefit our clients.

"Linda, We are so appreciate working with you. 

I don't think we would ever had been able to

hold it together without your tremendous patience. 

It was a win-win for everyone, but it was a

long road and we just wanted to thank you again!"

"Linda, Thank you for all of the encouraging support

that you so constantly provide.

I am blessed to work with a fine person as you!